Brotherly Love – Siblings w/ Newborn Photos, Long Beach, CA

“Wash your hands! You need to wash your hands before you touch the baby!” Jett says before “hellos” or hugs.


“I need to check you off!” And surely enough, he checks us off in orange marker in his drawing notebook.


Four days old. This baby is FRESH. And oldest brother, Jett, is on hand washing police duty. And he’s doing a superb job.


There’s something about newborns that just tugs at your heartstrings. Even though people say they look like little alien-potato beings, once you have one in your arms, you melt at the sight of the tiny human. Don’t deny it. You do, too. They weigh nothing, they smell good, and their little cries are still quiet and gentle.


But what is even cuter is the older siblings—the new protector. They aren’t going to let anything happen to their newest recruit.


I asked Jett, “What would you do if anyone hurt Jace?”


And he gasps in his five-year-old voice, “I would kill them!”


Now of course, he wouldn’t really. This little boy is the sweetest, most enthusiastic kid you’ll ever meet. Jett and Jax were so excited to hold baby Jace and be a part of the photo shoot. Jett even helped me do a lighting test.


Brotherly love—there’s nothing stronger. Hope you enjoy the collection.

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