Chucks and Flowers–the Importance of Personal Style

Simple style. Nostalgic events. Stupid boys in bars. These are a few of the subjects discussed during my shoot with beautiful Anita. This flower child is both a natural model and a future style icon. Combining natural beauty with throwback style, she was the perfect subject for a hippie-styled lifestyle shoot by the pond.


She showed up in high top Chuck Taylors—right there. Winning. With fresh flowers in her hair, a white feminine blouse, a velveteen red skirt, and of course black chucks, she was a vision by the water. It reminded me of a time I was in a bar at age 21—freshly legal and excited to be social—and a boy stopped me and asked me,


Why would you wear those dirty sneakers with a dress?


Obviously, drunk and feeling bold, he thought of the first thing he could think of to say to me. I inexplicably ignored him and moved on, but I never forgot that. I realized then, my style is distinct and it’s an important identifier for all of us. Sneaks and dresses. Another time I wore converse and a dress—my first date with my awesome boyfriend.

He said the first thing he noticed were my bright red chucks matching my bright red lipstick.

Guess there’s something to chucks and flowers, huh? Ok, no. Girls in heels rock it, too. Obviously. It’s all about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. For me, heels, shmeels! High top chucks will always be my go to. Ladies, rock whatever makes you feel cool and confident!

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