Fall In Love Again

Before you know it, you have a little one rolling around. And then you have another little one rolling around. And the first little one is running around. And then the second little one learns to run. And then both those little ones are getting bigger faster than you can believe. And they are running circles around you…

Feel out of breath yet? You would if you were chasing down the adorable Von Michael and Weston Warren. These two precious boys would also have you out of breath in love. Vonnie is so adorable and adventurous. Weston is so happy and sweet. And who can even handle them in matching button-down shirts and baby jeans. We can’t even…

During our shoot at Rancho Las Lomas, I took a few moments to shoot a few stills of just mommy and daddy together.

“Aww. These [photos] remind me of our wedding. Seriously, we haven’t taken photos like this since our wedding day.”


I told her how I loved them together. She’s so bubbly and energetic, while he is calm and laidback. While they may be polar opposites, they seemed to compliment each other, perfectly. I asked them their secret. How do they keep it all together? Avanti reflected on how her and her husband, Matt, keep their marriage and their family stable and happy.

“After ten years, he’s my best friend. We make each other crazy, but he reminds me I’m allowed to feel this way sometimes.” With love, he convinces her she’s sane, even when she thinks she’s crazy. Ain’t that the ultimate challenge, fellas?

So what makes a marriage work? What makes a family work? Maybe these – love, understanding, and patience.

I observe something new every time I shoot. While these two may have a million things going on and their little ones are running circles around them, they are still able to find a moment to fall in love again. If I get to be a part of that, I think that’s the greatest reward to me.

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  1. Thank you so much for capturing the special moments with me and my boys !!!! we all love and adore you so very much and so happy that you get to be in the boys lives and watch them grow up as.

  2. You captured the exuberance of the Whittaker boys and the amazing true love they share for one another. Your photos tell their love story. Love! Love! Love!

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