Finding the Joy In Experiences – Beach Family Photos

Last week, I had the absolute privilege of capturing the Shelton’s Family photos in San Clemente, where they live and where I grew up. While I have learned a lot from Lacey, because she is my yoga teacher training coach at CorePower Yoga, I learned even more during this precious family shoot.

Lacey the outgoing and energetic ball of positivity is balanced and matched by her husband, Bryan, who is mellow, straight to the point – the voice of reason. We all need one, right ladies? Together, the created the most beautiful collection of baby rolls named Dylan.

This little girl is the happiest girl you will meet. From the time we got her dressed, she was all smiles and laughs—like youtube baby laughs status. While I embrace the ups and downs of being a family photographer, I still cannot prevent a tantrum from occurring. It comes with the territory. I come to expect it and adapt to it in every shoot. However, little Dylie was just the happiest thing on two legs.

A bit of insight on the Shelton family values – Lacey shared with me that actually don’t buy Dylan a lot of toys or things to foster a love for experiences over material. Is that just amazing? Of course she’s all smiles. She’s having the time of her life everyday.

That little tidbit warmed my heart and gave me new perspective. I’m truly grateful for getting to do what I do. Essentially, I want to give you something special – an artistic snapshot into your loved ones’ current lives. Although I give you something material, I hope it serves as merely a blueprint or a reminder of your experiences.

Dylan's Dress & Shirt: The New Class

Dylan's Moccasins: Freshly Picked

Lacey's Outfit: Spiritual Gangster

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