Just a Cat thinking about Human Things

It is easy to get swept up in me. It is easy to only see myself, the space I occupy and the operations I am a part of. Every once and a while, you meet someone who seems to radiate so much selflessness and positivity that it gives you perspective. It makes you take a step back and realize you are part of a community—not simply an independent entity.


I have recently started yoga teacher training, so forgive me if I begin to sound too far out, but I simply want to share a story about how kindness is timeless and reaches further than you know.


My boyfriend, Mike, and I stopped into a new juice place after church on Sunday and met the kindest shop owner. His name was Tim. He looked to be somewhere in his 60s. Tim was very friendly and told Mike he looked so familiar. Neither one could quite place the other, so we went on with our order.


We spent about 20 minutes in the shop, after trying some samples and waiting for our orders (which were delicious. mine tasted like peach cobbler. yum). As we turned to leave, Mike asked Tim, “Do you have kids?” Tim replied that he did, and they made the connection that Mike had played little league around the same time Tim coached his son’s little league team.


As Mike turned his head, Tim noticed his hearing aids. I saw it click—the recognition. “Now I remember you. Your mom was slender. Really bubbly and happy all the time? Wow. It’s nice to see you again,” he said with a kind smile.


Even how many years later, a random juice shop owner, remembers Brenda. Of course he does. But the thing that spoke to me was his memory of her kindness. It could have been a blip in his memory, and his impression of her was her happy and kind nature.


I take it as a reminder to be kind and good to the world, although it seems as though it gives you nothing. You have far more positive impact on people than you realize.

Forgive the cat costume photo–yesterday was Halloween!

Photo taken by Tamara Dagher at Blink Inc Fashion Island

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