Live Laugh Love–Especially Laugh

Finding Humor in your Work and at Home

Meet the Johnsons. They’re your typical catalogue-gorgeous mixed family. They have a couple of biracial, angelic child models and made my day when they booked me for family photos.

This had to be the most hilarious shoot I have been on. The wind was nonstop. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky to diffuse the sunlight. Every time I tried to hold up my reflector, the wind nearly took me for a ride. And with the beach disappearing into high tide, the girls where soaked in sea water within the first few minutes.

Needless to say, this family is hilarious. They kept me light and laughing the whole time. The littlest Johnson, Makana was hilarious. She was out for world domination (as you can see from the photos). What a big character in such a little girl. And Noe, the oldest was simply a princess and should be a child model–seriously. Mom and dad–clearly so on the same humor level–rolled with all the punches.

Cecilia–a beautiful mama, brilliant impressionist, swag-tastic hip-hop dancer, and my hula sister–gave me the simplest bit of truth, during this shoot:

“Keegan and I laugh all the time at parenting, because when the going gets tough, what else are you gonna do?” 


Simple as that, I am reminded to not take myself so seriously. Yes, I am a serious photographer and artist, but it’s too easy to get stuck on the little things.

The way we live life–and not simply just get through it–is to just laugh.

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  1. This is such an awesome blog entry…not just because it’s about our family but because your work is beautiful! Thank you for your kind words about us. We had so much fun at this shoot and am glad you enjoyed it too! Can’t wait for the next photo shoot with you, Zo’e! We can’t thank you enough!

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