Namaste of the Day : 01

Yoga Teacher Training in one word is I’ve grown up in a bit of a bubble, stuck inside my own head. Every once in a while, we meet people that give us a glimpse into something different – not necessarily better or worse – just different.

While doing yoga every day will give you great physical health, I am even more grateful for the 10 women that lead me during the last few months. Each lovely lady – student and teacher alike – taught me something new everyday. Each time we met, I was greeted with 10 different stories. I am so grateful for these new friends and teachers.

Perspective is a thing that comes in the still and silence, but tends to hang out of sight when things get heated or unstable. The consistent sharing of different experiences enriched my own svadhyaya (self-study) every time I practiced yoga, journaled, or even spoke with my loved ones.

So I invite you to be grateful for the difference of opinions surrounding you. Take what you can learn from them to gain your own perspective and leave the rest behind you.

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