Young Love

It was so sweet and refreshing to shoot with Heather and Ian. They epitomized that "young love" feeling you see in movies (and Pinterest...)

Young love is such a romantic idea, isn't it? It seems like we can't put the phone down long enough to find it. After college, it's the weirdest time in your life so far. It's so easy to become in cynical and selfish that the sweet moments are lost. While I admit I have been one to be afraid t—of the distractions that could deter me from that bright future so many people told me about when I was younger—distractions might be okay. They might even be the best thing that ever happened to you. So I invite you to slow down, just a bit. The right distraction may just not be a distraction at all. Check out some of the sweet stills with Heather and Ian below.

Namaste of the Day : 01

Yoga Teacher Training in one word is I’ve grown up in a bit of a bubble, stuck inside my own head. Every once in a while, we meet people that give us a glimpse into something different – not necessarily better or worse – just different.

While doing yoga every day will give you great physical health, I am even more grateful for the 10 women that lead me during the last few months. Each lovely lady – student and teacher alike – taught me something new everyday. Each time we met, I was greeted with 10 different stories. I am so grateful for these new friends and teachers.

Perspective is a thing that comes in the still and silence, but tends to hang out of sight when things get heated or unstable. The consistent sharing of different experiences enriched my own svadhyaya (self-study) every time I practiced yoga, journaled, or even spoke with my loved ones.

So I invite you to be grateful for the difference of opinions surrounding you. Take what you can learn from them to gain your own perspective and leave the rest behind you.

Finding the Joy In Experiences – Beach Family Photos

Last week, I had the absolute privilege of capturing the Shelton’s Family photos in San Clemente, where they live and where I grew up. While I have learned a lot from Lacey, because she is my yoga teacher training coach at CorePower Yoga, I learned even more during this precious family shoot.

Lacey the outgoing and energetic ball of positivity is balanced and matched by her husband, Bryan, who is mellow, straight to the point – the voice of reason. We all need one, right ladies? Together, the created the most beautiful collection of baby rolls named Dylan.

This little girl is the happiest girl you will meet. From the time we got her dressed, she was all smiles and laughs—like youtube baby laughs status. While I embrace the ups and downs of being a family photographer, I still cannot prevent a tantrum from occurring. It comes with the territory. I come to expect it and adapt to it in every shoot. However, little Dylie was just the happiest thing on two legs.

A bit of insight on the Shelton family values – Lacey shared with me that actually don’t buy Dylan a lot of toys or things to foster a love for experiences over material. Is that just amazing? Of course she’s all smiles. She’s having the time of her life everyday.

That little tidbit warmed my heart and gave me new perspective. I’m truly grateful for getting to do what I do. Essentially, I want to give you something special – an artistic snapshot into your loved ones’ current lives. Although I give you something material, I hope it serves as merely a blueprint or a reminder of your experiences.

Dylan's Dress & Shirt: The New Class

Dylan's Moccasins: Freshly Picked

Lacey's Outfit: Spiritual Gangster

Fall In Love Again

Before you know it, you have a little one rolling around. And then you have another little one rolling around. And the first little one is running around. And then the second little one learns to run. And then both those little ones are getting bigger faster than you can believe. And they are running circles around you…

Feel out of breath yet? You would if you were chasing down the adorable Von Michael and Weston Warren. These two precious boys would also have you out of breath in love. Vonnie is so adorable and adventurous. Weston is so happy and sweet. And who can even handle them in matching button-down shirts and baby jeans. We can’t even…

During our shoot at Rancho Las Lomas, I took a few moments to shoot a few stills of just mommy and daddy together.

“Aww. These [photos] remind me of our wedding. Seriously, we haven’t taken photos like this since our wedding day.”


I told her how I loved them together. She’s so bubbly and energetic, while he is calm and laidback. While they may be polar opposites, they seemed to compliment each other, perfectly. I asked them their secret. How do they keep it all together? Avanti reflected on how her and her husband, Matt, keep their marriage and their family stable and happy.

“After ten years, he’s my best friend. We make each other crazy, but he reminds me I’m allowed to feel this way sometimes.” With love, he convinces her she’s sane, even when she thinks she’s crazy. Ain’t that the ultimate challenge, fellas?

So what makes a marriage work? What makes a family work? Maybe these – love, understanding, and patience.

I observe something new every time I shoot. While these two may have a million things going on and their little ones are running circles around them, they are still able to find a moment to fall in love again. If I get to be a part of that, I think that’s the greatest reward to me.

Just a Cat thinking about Human Things

It is easy to get swept up in me. It is easy to only see myself, the space I occupy and the operations I am a part of. Every once and a while, you meet someone who seems to radiate so much selflessness and positivity that it gives you perspective. It makes you take a step back and realize you are part of a community—not simply an independent entity.


I have recently started yoga teacher training, so forgive me if I begin to sound too far out, but I simply want to share a story about how kindness is timeless and reaches further than you know.


My boyfriend, Mike, and I stopped into a new juice place after church on Sunday and met the kindest shop owner. His name was Tim. He looked to be somewhere in his 60s. Tim was very friendly and told Mike he looked so familiar. Neither one could quite place the other, so we went on with our order.


We spent about 20 minutes in the shop, after trying some samples and waiting for our orders (which were delicious. mine tasted like peach cobbler. yum). As we turned to leave, Mike asked Tim, “Do you have kids?” Tim replied that he did, and they made the connection that Mike had played little league around the same time Tim coached his son’s little league team.


As Mike turned his head, Tim noticed his hearing aids. I saw it click—the recognition. “Now I remember you. Your mom was slender. Really bubbly and happy all the time? Wow. It’s nice to see you again,” he said with a kind smile.


Even how many years later, a random juice shop owner, remembers Brenda. Of course he does. But the thing that spoke to me was his memory of her kindness. It could have been a blip in his memory, and his impression of her was her happy and kind nature.


I take it as a reminder to be kind and good to the world, although it seems as though it gives you nothing. You have far more positive impact on people than you realize.

Forgive the cat costume photo–yesterday was Halloween!

Photo taken by Tamara Dagher at Blink Inc Fashion Island

Discovering Boston

I have to say we did Boston right—especially considering we were only there for 2 full days. We flew in on a Friday morning, made a Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park, went from the North End to Jamaica Plain on Day two, and met up with family friends in Beacon Hill before a flight home on Sunday night.


Favorite Boston Eats: Fenagle Bagel, Mike’s Pastry, The Daily Catch, The Paramount


No, I didn’t bring my camera to the baseball game. I took a few selfies with Mike, but it was time to watch baseball. And the Red Sox won! Fenway was amazing. The seats were close together, and being right behind first base, we were among the dedicated fans. The quick wit going on around me was hysterical.


The next day was an early start to do a lot of walking, and even more eating (I hope the walking balanced out the eating…). We rode the T; Prior to this experience, I had never been on a subway before. It was such a new experience going from section to section, through the different colleges and seeing the cultures and characters that got on and off the subway. Good thing Mike was a pro. I would have gotten lost right away. We visited the North End Wharf, ate at the Daily Catch and picked up Mike’s Pastry cannoli to take back with us.


We walked back toward Boston Commons and snaked to and from the Freedom trail visiting historical sites where the Boston Massacre occurred and Ben Franklin’s grave. There were so many diverse cultures and characters walking through the city. It was an interesting contrast to see the historical buildings with modern artists and students walking and living through it.


Boston was an amazing city. We will be back to eat more delicious meals and discover all the quaint little neighborhoods. Until next time, Boston!