Shooting before Golden Hour

The latest adventure took place last week with the amazingly talented and beautiful Danielle Blaquera. I love collaborating with other creatives, because the ideas seem to have a certain fluidity that creates amazing photos. And lucky for me, Danielle is an seasoned and experimental make up artist and hair stylist. I think it’s safe to say her look is on pointe, her eyebrows are on fleek, and anything else the kids are saying these days.


Before I babble on, let’s get to the point. As you can tell from Danielle’s portfolio, she is a very busy woman, as am I. What do you do, when you don’t have a studio and you can’t necessarily fit all your shots into golden hour? you find SHADE. Keep this in mind when your choosing a location for your outside shoot. When you have shade, you have the ability to get a nice exposure, even in midday sun. Find a cave, find a shady passage way, get behind a lifeguard tower, etc. Check out some of our shots, below. Let me know what you think.


Outfit details:

black bikini bottoms — Ripcurl

camo jacket — Forever 21

large reflective sunglasses — Forever 21

black sunglasses — Quay

black jeans — Pacsun

black bodysuit — Windsor

tan sandals — Forever 21

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