Young Love

It was so sweet and refreshing to shoot with Heather and Ian. They epitomized that "young love" feeling you see in movies (and Pinterest...)

Young love is such a romantic idea, isn't it? It seems like we can't put the phone down long enough to find it. After college, it's the weirdest time in your life so far. It's so easy to become in cynical and selfish that the sweet moments are lost. While I admit I have been one to be afraid t—of the distractions that could deter me from that bright future so many people told me about when I was younger—distractions might be okay. They might even be the best thing that ever happened to you. So I invite you to slow down, just a bit. The right distraction may just not be a distraction at all. Check out some of the sweet stills with Heather and Ian below.

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